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printer assembled with two hands

Prusa 3D Printer Build

Background Project Description: A DIY build of a Prusa 3D printer and enclosureContext: Personal project (2020)Technologies: Hand tools, Prusa i3 MK3S 3D printer kitProject Duration: 3 long days Challenges Personal Challenges This project was incredibly overwhelming at times because I’ve never assembled anything so complex and with so… Read More »Prusa 3D Printer Build

Enter the FlowJo VR

Background Project Description: Enter the FlowJo is a calm, rhythm-based painting VR experience that helps players “learn” Japanese characters using their whole bodies.Context: MIT Reality Hackathon 2020 Project/PrototypeContribution/Role: “Developer” and consummate youtuber/googler on a team of 4Technologies: Unity, C#, Oculus Quest, BlenderProject Duration: 5 long… Read More »Enter the FlowJo VR

cigar box guitar

Cigar Box Guitar

Background Project Description: Cigar box guitar made with a Cohiba Cuban cigar box Context: Personal project (2019)Technologies: Hand tools, laser cutter, inkscape, guitar parts and accessories from C.B. GittyProject Duration: 2 weeks Challenges Technical Challenges This was a relatively easy project to complete given the ample tutorials and other… Read More »Cigar Box Guitar

inside of a cigar box amplifier

Cigar Box Amplifier

Background Project Description: A DIY 9V battery-powered amplifier created from a 1960s cigar box (found in a thrift store).Context: Personal project (2020)Technologies: Hand tools, laser cutter, inkscape, 2.5 watt amplifier kit parts and accessories from C.B. GittyProject Duration: 3 days Challenges Technical Challenges The only real challenge was tweaking… Read More »Cigar Box Amplifier